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Yoga Changed Me

There’s a huge misconception that the purpose and benefits of a consistent yoga practice is to

ONLY enhance flexibility. I have met a lot of well meaning skeptics over the past 2 years. They

have told me I needed to “add cardio”, “increase my physical activity”, or “add variety” if I

wanted to see real results.


Let me tell you this. I SEE REAL RESULTS. The only physical activity I practiced regularly was

YOGA.  I have lost 94 lbs. I have become a lover of movement and activity has become food for

my soul.


Don’t get me wrong, flexibility is a huge benefit. BUT there is so much more.


In Jan of 2017 I took my first yoga class. I was dedicated and relentless in the pursuit of

becoming whole again. The benefits became evident almost immediately. I will never stop

advocating for a WHOLE mind, body, and spirit plan when it comes to weightloss. A consistent

yoga practice provided that for me. I learned very quickly that a good yoga class would kick my

butt, every time I stepped foot in the studio. Pounds would melt away. My body would



I set mediocre goals, mostly out of fear. I had no clue that what was ahead of me would

become the best thing I have ever done for myself. That this new practice would not only

change the shape of my body, but the shape of my life.


Yoga isn’t just an exercise. It is a discipline. It ushered in a level of discipline in every area of my

life. I met myself on the mat day after day. I gave it all I had. I prayed there. I cried there. I

sweat there. I changed there.


I learned to believe in myself. I learned to see my potential. I learned to expect greatness. 


A solid yoga practice will strengthen your body. It will create a relentless discipline in your life.

It will change you, if you let it. 

I’d love to meet you on the mat!

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